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Pure collagen![guidance for industry immunogenicity assessment for therapeutic protein]Original title■▼: ☆◆■○”Chasing Mountain Worker” is involved in the ▼•△•”picking up the ice△▽, solving the problem, grasping▼▼, speeding●☆, and increment). This year▪=★, the national two sessions△●, the reform has become the topic of the representative members■▲…△. The reform temperament passed by the two sessions◁●, led the Chinese in the spring to speed up the footsteps△•, and once again to go to the target. The focus of reforming movements, the expectation of reform effects is constituting the common consciousness of our people in this era and collective consciousness. On the eve of the two sessions, the Peoples Network specially launched a hot spot investigation•★▽●. In the eight high-top topics selected by more than 4 million netizens, it accounts for 3 issues related to reform. When the reform is constantly moving towards the intention, sincerely, △□”the more reformed, the more confident”. The spirit of reform is over 40 years of light, and it is still possible to ignite hundreds of million▽□△!

Original title★▲: The procuratorial organs have filed Xu Lianxin according to law, respectively▪□▲, in accordance with the law□☆, Shandong procuratorate, according to law▼◇, reported to Xu Lianxin, recently=■-, Xu Lianxin (deputy department-level), member of the original party group member of the Weihai Municipal Government, is suspected of accepting bribes△☆▪, abusing the crime of power, and is Shandong The Provincial Peoples Procuratorate designated jurisdiction-▷, and the Zibo Municipal Peoples Procuratorate filed a public prosecution to the Intermediate Peoples Court of Zibo City▼•●○. The procuratorate invested the defendant Xu Lianxins litigation rights in the review of the prosecution…■★, and reported the defendant Xu Lianxin and listened to his opinion. Zibo Municipal Peoples Procuratorate India Concurrent: From 2007 to 2018, Xu Lianxin used the deputy secretary general of the Weihai Municipal Government◁△■, the Secretary of the Party Work Committee of Weihai Industrial New District, director of the management committee, the member of the Weihai Municipal Government, and the deputy mayor. Seek for othe=▲?

Original title: Guide China does not accept =△★▷”foreign garbage•○■” Ministry of Foreign Affairs: The beauty should be based on its own digestive waste□△▪★. Restrict import reusable products to seriously interfere with the global waste materials supply chain, which is not conducive to waste materials reuse and handling☆▽▲•. The United States believes that China has changed the rules of China to make relevant industries to adjust in time, and seem to be violated the WTO obligations, distinguishabate the domestic and foreign garbage industry and adopt excessive trade restrictions. The US requires China to immediately stop implementing relevant measures☆•▼■. Chinas Foreign Ministry spokesman Huat Chunying said at today (26th), said the so-called concern of the expression of officials in the US officials, in love☆▽…, omnision◇▲=, and no la gelatin powder ingredients 100 pure peptide collagen porcine type ii collagen chicken!

Original title: Historical memory: Great feat to let million serfs stand up – Write in the ninth Tibet Million Rufan Liberation Memorial Day▪••-, Zhang Yun…◆, March 28▼☆▲, 1959▪◇, is a great meaning of Tibet. Day, the central government announced the dissolution of the Tibet local governments, exercised their powers by the Preparatory Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region, leading the people of Tibet to carry out democratic reforms□◁□, thoroughly abolished the millennium☆•◆, and the indentation of political teachings The system◇•◁▲, making millions of serfs over liberation, when the home is the master☆☆•▼, the local society in Tibet achieves the historic change of the earth☆▪▽, ushered in a new era of continuous development of prosperous civilization. The Darre Group servants main forces have made many beautification work for the old Tibetan political temporary seri syste organic collagen powder!

Original title: (two sessions were subject to the release) Chen Xi participated in Qinghai delegation to review the Xinhua News Agency Beijing○▷◇★, March 8th, China Communist Party Committee, Minister of China, Chen Xi☆…, attending the Qinghai delegation, said, fully agreed, resolute Support the draft constitutional amendment▲▽★. It fully endorse the guidance of Chinese characteristic socialist thinking in national political and social life in the Constitution, and seize the new era of socialism with all the people of all nationalities, and seize the great victory of new era of Chinese characteristics. It is important. It fully endorses the “Chinese Communist Party Leadership is the most essential characteristics of socialism with Chinese characteristics▽•=”-▽▪=, which is conducive to strengthening the partys leadership awareness in all people★□, effectively implementing the partys comprehensive leadership to the national work process and all aspects. Fully agree with the revision of the State Preside.