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[whey protein industry]Zhongxin Net Xining May 28th (Zhen Zengju Zhang Haiwen) On the 28th, on the occasion of the “June 1” Childrens Day, the employees of the Childrens Welfare Institute in Xining City, Qinghai Province took off the tool, and became the role-playing and became “supermarket salesman.” “Snacks” ○▽◁.•▽▼○.. celebrate their festivals for the 90 horses in the hospital. Xining Child Welfare Institute was established in May 1998●▼, is the only comprehensive child welfare institution integrating in Xining City, the integration of recovery, medical, nursing, special education, and social workers. At present•▪, there are 70 professional function rooms, more than 140 children, and the ratio of severe disease disabilities of child child is 90%. The picture shows the □•□•”supermarket salesman” played by the employee of Childrens Welfare Institute in Xining Ci?

China Xinwang, May 27th (Reporter Cai Minyi) Come over☆★, Guangzhou reported new crown pneumonia confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections, of which Liwan District decided to have a total of household registration in the district, temporarily tentatively launched a nucleic acid detection. A number of hospital medical staff from 26 to 27th, to support the positions in Guangzhou to carry out nucleic acid testing in Guangzhou. According to the Guangzhou Municipal Health Committee on the 27th, as of 24:00 on May 26, 828 cases of confirmed cases were reported, and there were 381 cases of diagnosed cases (including overseas input related cases)–=▲. Add 1,175 cases of hospital, and 1 case of death. It is still in the hospital for 33 cases○••. According to the new coronary virus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control headquarters in Liwan Distri?

Original title▼…: Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Sichuan Municipal Peoples Congress: Increased the punishment of the rumors to punish the Standing Committee of Chengdu, Sichuan Province■△◇○, the deputy director of the Standing Committee of Sichuan Province•-…, increased the punishment of the rumors in the order of the cadres, and we are very Pay attention to the integrity…△, law-abiding education, advocacy of fair competition, banned the pick-up bribery, but the phenomenon of “black▼•” is not given to the phenomenon of “black☆○•☆”. It is recommended to improve the investigation, punishment initiatives in cadres selection, punishment◁■, and increase the punishment of rumors, curbing this new type of incomplete wind spread◆○. Click to enter the special responsibility Editor: Zhang Yili.

Original title: Li Feng, Party Secretary and Secretary of the Science and Technology Bureau of Anhui Province, and Director Li Feng received the investigation and investigation of Li Feng information. Li Feng…□, the party secretary of the Cangzhou Science and Technology Bureau, and Li Feng suspected of serious violations●○, and is currently accepting discipline review and supervision■…◇•. Li Feng resume Li Feng, male, Han nationality, Mengcheng County•△, Cangzhou City, member of the Communist Party of China (entrance time: 1991△▽.10), is currently the party secretary, director of the Cangzhou Science and Technology Bureau. 1985.09–1989.07, Anhui Academy of Agricultural Sciences□•●, Agricultural Economic Management, Department of Agricultural Economics=★; 1989.07–1994.05, Mengcheng County Foreign Capital Office; 1994□●•■.05–1996.07▼•◆□, Deputy Director of the Secretariat of Foreign Capital Office of Mengcheng County; 1996■-.07–1997.12●☆◇■, Mengcheng County Foreign affairs offi.

China New Network Beijing May 27th (Reporter Zhu Chenxi) Schneider Electric Vice President, Digital Service Business China Persons in China Zhang Lei said in the Schneider Electric 2021 Innovation Summit Round Table Forum◇◁□▪, which is the value of enterprises to promote digital transformation. “Window period”. Zhang Lei said that the ○◁”14th Five-Year Plan” clear plan continues to promote digital transformation▼▽◇●, and the national support of infrastructure construction and other infrastructure construction, etc., the current value “window period” is now promoting digital transformation. In the “Tenth Five-Year Plan”, mentioned•◇: Meeting the digital age, driving the production method▼◇☆△, lifestyle and governance method of digital transformation. Pan Pan, Vice Pan of the Microsoft Asian Institu.Gelatin wholesale.