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[beef collagen peptides vs fish collagen peptides]Original title●○▷□: Deputy Director of Sports General: Suggestion “Teaching, Selling, Selling, Taking Stimulants” Influence Source: Views News Legal Evening News · View on March 4th, National Committee, Deputy Director of the State Sports General★★▼▷, anti-doping agent Li Yingchuan○◆, director Li Yutuan, said in a meeting of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, it is recommended to write “teaching, sales, selling, and taking the stimulant▲★◇◁” to the criminal law. Photographing / Legal Evening News · View Journalists Wen Ruyu Tong and Stimulant Question•□, Li Yingchuan said that no matter whether it is in China●…▼, the situation is very severe▽▲●. The stimulant seriously damages the athletes physical and mental health, and even damages the national image, and does need a severe blow◆-…▪. It is understood that although my country has been anti-docing from the 1980s and 1990s, there are many relat.

Original title: Guo Shuqing again…▽△, the central bank “Super Central Bank” is coming◆▽-◆? The Beijing News (Reporter Di Hou Runfang) The reform of the financial regulatory agency and the curtain of the personnel adjustment have been opened. According to the disclosure of the central bank, on the afternoon of March 26, the central bank held the Cadre General-◁○. The relevant person in charge of the Central Organization Department announced the decision of the Central Committee on the main leadership of the Peoples Bank of China. The 60-year-old Easy Out of the Peoples Bank of China, the deputy secretary of the party committee; the 61-year-old Bank Insurance Supervision and Management Committee Party Secretary, Chairman Guo Shuqing, and served as the Party Secretary and Deputy Director of the Peoples Bank of China. This decision has also been considered to break the previous central banks convention in the same person and the party committee secretary. On March 21, Guo Shuqing has been appointed as the Bank of China Insurance Regulatory Commissio.

The core reminder comes over the same day, the city continues to promote the importance of the general secretary of Xi Jinping, the importance of the spirit of the important speech◆•. The city has deeply understood the general secretary of the general secretary on creating a good political ecology, strengthening education guidance, paying attention to being broken, grasping the “key minority”, and resolutely succumbing to Sun Zhengcai is bad and Bo Xilai□○=, Wang Lijun is fluid…●, firmly establishing according to democracy The idea of ​​doing things in principle▼•, driving Chongqing political ecology continues to be good•○■◇, overall is good. The new era of political life in Zhou Xingqing, the new chapter of Chongqing Development, the new chapter of the Communist Party of China, the Communist Party of China, the general speech▽★■◆, the general speech of the Chongqing delegation■=, is the most important thinking of our reorganization, and do a good job in Chongqing. All aspects of the most practical action guide●▽. Municipal Development Reform Commissi.