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Pectin manufacturer![gelatin powder 25 kg bag]Express Taobao Data China Earthquake Network officially determined●▪, 44-level earthquake occurred at 21:48 in Taiwan at 21:48 on April 16th, the seismy source is 18 kilometers, the earthquake is located 23.05 degrees north latitude, 121.37 degrees East, is about Taiwan Island 2 km. The epicosome of the earthquake is automatically written by the machine from 22:25●=:25:25…-, 2018…◆, for use in 8 seconds, and the public beta is for reference only. Editor in charge■●▪: Huo ◆◁.

Moderator•▷…: Dear friends, everyone is good morning○…▲, welcome to participate in a reporter meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress. Todays reporter theme is “financial reform and development.” Today◁◁, we are very happy to invite the Peoples Bank of China, and Comrade, the vice president…•, the vice president, and the Secretary for Vice-General, and the Director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange■▼. Everyones question. Lets start with you. Reuters reporter: In the context of financial dealing in 2017●△▼•, Chinas non-financial enterprise loan weighted average interest rate rose by 0.47 percentage points, and whether the increase in corporate financing cost affects economic development◆•? In the case where the cost of lending may affect economic growth this year◆■▷○, does the central bank will follow the Fed to improve interest rates? .

Original title-▷▪☆: 2017 China copyright ten major events release artificial intelligent creation copyright issues Entrance Selection New Beijing News News (Reporter Ni Wei) The reporter learned from the National Copyright Bureau today, recently, the bureau selected 2017 China copyright ten major events. In addition to the focus of my countrys copyright field, the new issues of copyright brought by artificial intelligence have also been selected for ten major events. 2017 China copyright ten big things is: the new era version has been continuously introduced, the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee launched a law enforcement inspection of the copyright law, the National Copyright Bureau promoted the order of online music, and Chinas core copyright industry rapidly developed★▲▷, “Jian Wang Action” Highlight the highlight of the copyright of the network, the nations establishment of 11 intellectual property courts, China News Media Copyright Protection Alliance is established, software is pushing so▲☆•▷.

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