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Pure collagen.[collagen protein powder]China Xinwang on May 28○◆, according to the website of the Chinese Embassy in South Africa☆★▲•, recently▷▽, the Embassy in South Africa received a number of overseas Chinese reflected, and the lawless elements were used to use the Chinese Embassy in South Africa, defrauded the so-called ●•”domestic vaccine”▼▼▽, and High fees are charged▷☆▼▷. The Embassy is now statement that the Chinese residents in South Africa have never authorized anyone◇★●, institutions release such information or organize related vaccination activities, please do not believe in the scams and vaccinate through regular channels. The Embassy in South Africa attaches great importance to the health and safety of the South China citizens★=, and has been actively promoting the Central and South vaccine cooperation. At present, South African New Crown Vaccination Registration System (!

Original title: In 2017▲▷, the average daily exposure of sexual assault cases□★☆, nearly 60% of acquaintances, according to China Voice ★◁★”News” report. In 2017, many sexual assaults for media exposure triggered social attention▪•○. Yesterday◇◆▪▽, the Chinese Junior Childrens Culture Art Foundation Girls Protection Fund released the 2017 sexual assault case statistical and anti-sexual invasion education. According to the report, children who have been reported by children from 2014 in 2017 have been greatly increased in 2013, which reflects that children have been severely affected by sexual assault, and also reflects the attention of the society from all walks of life. Studies have shown that due to the many factors, the sexual assault cases are difficult to all public reports and statistics, and the disclosed cases are only the horn of the iceberg in the actual case. How to strength gelita collagen!

Original title: Pull, these anti-Japanese dramas were regarded as a Chinese textbook by the Japanese △△=..…□○. “Completely ignored the Times Background eco friendly gelatin!★•” The Communist Party is anger hydrolyzed gelatin halal china hydrolyzed gelatin! “A new book for the promotion is recently sold in the island country, just set off a while. “Chinas anti-Japanese drama” hazy ▷▽… Hey, long so: book literal translation is “China Anti-Japanese Wali Reading: Unexpected New Day · Patriotic Comedy★◆•▼” The book is summarized in 21 anti-Japanese drama…-, total 678 episodes▪••▼, 30180 minutes☆■, with episodes, actors interview■▼□, complicated story infarction, graphic◇◆◆○, and god spit on some shooting pictures •●.=★◆.. this book .▽★○.◇☆. Also partner with Chinese teaching functions – give all the Chinese names of the people on Japanese pronunciatio.

Original title: Accurate accountability, unforgettable university (new observation of cadres) (the state of cadre ▲-“)” Peoples Daily “(June 28, 2018) Core reading” About further encouragement of the new era of cadres “Clearly, the cadres who dont act, according to the specific plot, the adjustment of the adjustment, the devotion of the destination▲□▼, enabling it to become normal. For individual cadres…◁▷■, it is not a case, and Tianjin has launched special governance last year. What initiatives have been taken▼○…●? Does not take care of how to identify=□-○? How to accurate accountability, improve the mechanism○▲△, to achieve the long-term management of usage…◆? The reporter launched an investigation. “I dont work◆•☆, the municipal party committee and the municipal government have been worried and greatly determine□•.