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Gelatin capsule![chicken collagen powder]Xia Baolong resume Xia Baolong••●, male, Han nationality, born in December 1952, Tianjin people, participated in the work in August 1969◁○●=, joined the Chinese Communist Party in November 1973, graduated from the Chinese Communist Party▪●, graduated from the political economics of the Peking University School of Economics■□…◁, postgraduate degree, major economics Bachelor of Science. He is currently a vice chairman and secretary general of the 13th National Committee of China. Hebei University, Hebei University, 1970-1970☆☆▪◇, Tianjin…•…, Hexi District, Jiefang South Road Primary School Teacher▽◇, Secretary of the Segmentation, 1972- 1975, China, China Hexi District Committee•=■◇, Hexi District Committee▷▼, 1975-1976, Tianjin Teachers College, Department of Political Science and Education▽=, China The Years of the Communist Youth League Tianjin Hexi District Committee Standing Committee☆-■, Deputy Secretary◇▽•, Secretary◆•▷, 1983-1.

Original title: “3 · 15” before experience investigation online ticket: still have individual platforms to sell insurance once a year, the international consumer rights day will arrive. Today, consumers attention to all kinds of products, prices and services are increasing•□, online tourism products and services are more concerned from all walks of life. In 2017, online travel enterprises (OTA) tickets were playing a lot of trouble. How is the service status of all platforms in the Spring Festival holiday? Recently, Xiaobian has conducted investigations in the major OTA platform APPs, respectively. Xiaobian discovers that the platform is no longer “default to check○△=” insurance or hotel coupon☆▷, etc▲◁▼.▽◆•■, but it is recommended to recommend additional or value-added products for users ○▼”insurance or hotel coupon, etc.=▼…” on Ctrip, Go. User independent choice▷-○▼. Simultaneous.

China News, Paris, May 28th: ​​Paris Commune Social Walls before the Wall☆■: Reminiscence 150 years ago, the new commune○•◁, the reporter Li Yang, 150 years ago, May 21st to 28th, the Paris Commune Warrior is defending the Commune The one-week fierce battle with the Versailles army▽●★, called ▲•▷”May bleeding week◁◆•”△▽▲★. After 72 days○△◆▽, the commune came to the tragic end●■. The picture shows the local time on May 27th□•☆, the ■=◇★”International Song” by the La Saze Cemetery Ou Ren Bao Di Tomb▪▽=▷. China News Agency reporter Li Yang took a place where the Warrior soldiers in the eastern Paris is not in the final struggle. May 27, 1871, these publ.

Cao Jianming resume Cao Jianming, male, Han nationality, born in 1955, Jiangsu Nantong○▽, in December 1972▷▲, in December 1973, joined the Chinese Communist Party, East China Political and Law School International Law, Graduate, Graduate Education…◇○, Master of Law ,professor. He is currently a member of the 19th National Central Committee☆△, and the vice chairman of the 13th National Peoples Congress Standing Committee. From 1972 to 1975-▲•▽, Shanghai Jingan District Food Co.•◆, Ltd., Daiyang Center, Deputy Secretary, Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch of Xiangyang Center, from 1975-1979●▼○, Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau, HUM△•, HUM ICO=–☆, 1979-1983, China Professional study 1983-1986 China International Law School of International Law International Master of International L◁▼?

China New Network May 27th◆•…●, the WeChat public number of the Beijing Weather Committee●•□▲, 0:00 to 24 May 26•▽•, Beijing has no new local confirmed cases△▷◁◆, suspected cases and sexy infections; new 1 case input Regardless cases▷▽…-, no new suspected cases and non-symptoms. Case: Chinese, May 23, from Zimbabwe, arrive at Beijing Capital Airport on May 25◁●, and the Customs has been carried out by health and nucleic acid detection, and the closed-loop management is sent to the centralized isolation hotel; From May 26th△●, the result of the designated hospital, comprehensive epidemic history, clinical manifestations, laboratory testing and imaging examination▪▷, etc.★◇▷, the diagnosis is diagnosed★●•■, clinic.

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