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Pure collagen,[watch it jiggle jello commercial]Original title: my countrys first cracked neutral source is completed, the microstructure of the research material has the first cracked neutral source construction in my country! Liberation Daily · In view of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the official website of the Institute of High-Energy, China■◁□, March 25, from China University of Science and Technology▽…○…, China Atomic Energy Science Research Institute◁●○★, National Natural Science Foundation, National Academy of Sciences, Modern Physics, Physics The acceptance expert group of 18 experts in Shanghai Application Physics, Tsinghua University and other units have identified the China Sinoogenic Source Project. After the completion of Chinas buffal=▽▼-, Chinas first, the worlds fourth pulse type dispersion neutral sources, filled the gap in the field of domestic pulse neutron applications, for my countrys materials science, life science, resource environment, new Basic research in energy, et■■△○.

Original title•□•: This week, Chinas two deputy senior high officials have visited Russia … This week▲△, Chinas two State Councils will go to the same country – Russia△▼. From the 4th to 5th, Wang Yi, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who is working to Russia as Chairman of the President; 1st to 8th, the new defense, Wei Feng and go to Russia to participate in the 7th Moscow International Security Conference and visit Russia, Belarus. After highlighting each others strategic tacit visit to the Russian trip, the outside world is first concerned about “First Visit” – Wang Yis visit was originally arranged at the end of March◇…★●, if it was planned to be a country, it will become a member of the State Council. The first visit. However, due to the change of the Mai Roewo fire caused by the change of the Russian-party leaders, Wang Yi has delayed the Russian date=•▼•, and the first visit is replaced by Vietnam. And the Minister of Defense Wei Fenghes vis△•■-.

Zhongxin Net Nanning May 28 (Lin Jielin Hao) “Guangxi will create a cross-border supply chain throughout the output of all chains of the whole chain of the production, the company, help Cambodia mango, banana○◆◇, rice and other agricultural products China Market•▲. “Wang Zhengbo, vice president of Guangxi International Chamber of Commerce, Wang Zhengbo…▷…, director of Guangxi, a lot of supply chain management limited liability, introduced in Nanning on the 28th. Wang Zhengbo made the above introduction at the press conference held on the same day. He said that China and Cambodia have strong economic complementarity, and the difference between the two countries in natural resources, the industrial structure has made the two sides have advantages and lay an important foundation for bilateral economic and trade cooperation. It is reported that June 2020, the two sides of the Cambodia signed a-●□.

Original title: This special peoples representative, from the Sino-Indian border [Heritland Island Press] In the 3▼•,000 representatives of the two sessions this year•☆■, there is a very special▪▲▪◆. Her name is Zhuozhen★▪▼□, Tibetan compatriots, 57 years old▼★□, live in Yumai Township, Longzi County, Shannan City, Shannan Province. On October 28, 2017•-, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote her back to her and her sister Central Zong. In the letter, the General Secretary failed to have a patriarchal■◇, a father and a generation of people-◁○★, and expressed their lofty respect and sincere gratitude to them. The jade is located in Tibet•◁=▽, flipped through the snow-covered Himalayas, you can see the small villages sandwick in the middle of the snowy mountains and the original forest. Here is the country with the least Chinese population, once only lives at the old PARC Jiequa and Zhuozhen, Central Zong Sisters. It is also the largest in Chin?

Original title: Dry goods bulk collagen powder industrial applications of protein engineering grass-fed pasture-raised bovine collagen peptides! What is the future Xiongan New District? You want to know here olly gelatin! At present, some projects of Xiongan Citizen Service Center have begun to trial operation…☆◁○. This is the first infrastructure project since the establishment of the Xiongan New District, which is a major template significance for the future. As the office park in Xiongan New District, it assumes a number of functional services, show exchanges, business office, meeting training◁●◇▪. △ Data Map: On March 29th, the first landmark building in Xiongan New District was the first landmark building in Xiongan Citizen Service Center●☆. (Photo / Visual China) How is the integration of wisdom and green=□•…? Life work here=▽▼, green health, wisdom sharing•△, what kind of model? △ Video▼-◁▼: Reporter takes you to experien.