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[gelatin is made out of what]Zhongxin Net Hefei May 28 (Zhang Qiang) On May 28, the Intermediate Peoples Court of Zhangzhou City, Anhui Province△●◇☆, opened a trial of the Anhui Provincial Peoples Congress Standing Committee, the original deputy director of the Judicial Work Committee, was suspected of accepting bribes△=▲. Cangzhou Municipal Peoples Procuratorate allegations, from 1996 to 2018△-□▲, the defendant Car Jianjun used the discipline inspection supervision supervision supervision supervision supervision supervision supervision supervision supervision supervision supervision supervision supervision, the discipline inspection and supervision department, the Secretary-General, Deputy Secretary, Provincial Party Committee. Convenience and termination of authority and status, the convenience of territory and status of the deputy secretary☆□••, the planning approval, project land, undertake business, and case handling▽★=△, etc., illegally accepting other?

Zhongxin Net Lake State on May 27 (Scholar Nan Wang Lizhong) With the start of the blood collection pump, blood is slowly flowing from Xiao Binbin, separated, then return ..□□◁. After more than 3 hours▷▪…, Xiao Binbin successfully donated 138 ml Hematopoietic stem cell suspension has become a donor of 689 hematopoietic stem cells in Zhejiang Province. Xiao Binbin•▼, born in 1996, is a full-time netger member in Daiyang Street, Deqing County◁□▷, Huzhou City○◁, is responsible for the Grid District of Songcun Village=●★▷, Wuyang Street. As the villager of Songcun Village, he is influenced by the village volunteers, and the mortal is good for the mortal•△•. Later, after five years of tempering, Xiao Binbin gradually grown into o.

Original title: One text card: Boao out four heavy signal authority interpretation comes to Boao Forum 2018 year meeting in Boao from April 8th to 11th, this annual meeting is “open innovation Asia, prosperity The world of development▷•. The annual meeting set “Globalization and One Belt”▼▼, ▲=-“Open Asia”▪■◆, “Innovation★▽” and “Reform and then Departure”, a total of more than 60 formal discussions. As of today, the Boao Forum has passed many heavy sounds, released a lot of heavy signals! What are you■◇●? CCTV Financial Channel launched the ○○”Boao Night” Special Program, which presents the wonderful views and remarks of many domestic and foreign heavyweight guests in the Boao Forum for Asia, and invite multiple authoritative experts to interpret. Below, with you to know the heavy signal 1: China will ent.

China Xinwang Beijing May 27th (Xu Xiao, Chaokai) •▲”3, 2, 1-○●△, launch peptone for medicine is jello high in collagen genetically engineered proteins for industry!” As the voice falls, the extinguishing of the drone carries▪○, the exactly the designated window, throwing super fine powder fire The indoor fire is suppressed; and the fire signal is passed to the second drone that is standing◁●■. The second drone has completed the launch of the second fireball in one minute and the fire extinguishing agent is thrown★☆▲. Ethaling will then return to the drone☆◆. Recently, a real scene drill held in a drone firefighting system won warm applause, and more than 500 fire officers and soldiers were observed throughout the fire extinguishing process=-. The picture shows the team debug drone space technology for map•☆○, reporters fr.

Original title: (Social) Anhui, a state-owned state-owned enterprise leader…=△▪, was sued suspected of accepting bribes and abuse of power Xinhua News Agency Hefei July 20 (Reporter Bao Xiaojing) Reporter learned from the Anhui Provincial Peoples Procuratorate, July 13, Anhui Huizhang The original party secretary of the Group Co.◆☆=•, Ltd▽◆., Xu Yushu (the main hall) suspected of accepting bribes, the state-owned company personnel abused the crime of authority★▼★, and the Wuhu Municipal Peoples Procuratorate filed a public prosecution to Wuhu Municipal Intermediate Peoples Court. Wuhu Municipal Peoples Procuratorate allegations, January 2007 to October 2014, the defendant Xu Yusui used its party secretary of Hui Hui Group Co.◆▽, Ltd., the chairman of the chairman◁▼●, in the fund guarantee, company management, project cooperation, position of the position, etc. Aspects, for the relevant units and individuals▲★, directly or through their relatives illegally accept othe.About Us bovine hide collagen peptides,