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[is gelatin a suspension][客 岛 按] A group of messy peninsula is suddenly dialing the clouds in the spring•○△. The first is that the Han Dynasty bodies with the opportunity of the Pingchang Winter Olympics, the nations relationship•□, next is the Korean delegation to visit North Korea□=-, and the Korean Dynasty announced the end of April▲●▷▷, the leaders of the two countries will hold talks on the Book store, followed by sudden explosion The leaders of the United States are negotiating★▷, and the time may be May. To know a few months ago, the Korean Peninsula also was covered with clouds▲■, the US and Korean military exercises, North Koreas shooting◁■•, and a gas boring. In the blink of an eye, the situation turned▪…. At this special time node☆=, Kim Jongn suddenly visited Chinas 4 days informal visit. This is the first visit after Jin Zheng En, served as the highest leaders of North Korea, and China also gave a grand reception. In addition to Xi Jinping, the other two Politburo Standing Committee Li Keqiang, Wa.

Original title: The 2017 environmental quality improvement results in the city (state) plans to enter the city (state) list publicity According to the Notice of the General Office of the State Council on the Extension of Real Effectiveness◇▷◇, Overtise the Exercise Surface (China Office [2016 】 No◆▼☆. 82) Naqu District, Yunnan Province, Naqu District■△•, Qinghai Province, Sea Beizhou○●◆△, is a city (state), which has improved the effectiveness of environmental quality in 2017. It is now publicized in accordance with the relevant regulations to improve the list of environmental quality improvements●▲=★. The publicity time is March 22-28▪▷. If there is any objection, please within the publicity peri.

China News Service March 28 (Reporter Guan Dong) Local Time 27th, at the beginning of the “Farmer and Fishermen” launching ceremony of the Philippines, Zhang Zhaodong, China Hybrid Water Branch, was awarded the highest honor award of the Philippines Agriculture. William Dar William Dar wrote on the honorary medal▲•, Zhang Zhaodong is a pioneer of Philippines hybrid rice technology development■▲, production and commercialization of the commercial and friendly Great ties and the epitome of historical friendship…○…▽. The picture shows the William Dar (Left I)◇☆, awarded the honorary medal (Left I)☆▪◆◁, awarded awarded meda.

Original title▷○▷: Japanese media to make a Chinese navy☆=○•, it is actually a few days ago•□-, Japanese well-known media “Japan Economic News” published an article, saying that the Chinese Navy has sent a soldier Maldives at the end of February this year-△△. The internal affairs of the Indian Ocean, but the Indian Navy who guarded the Maldives was scared, only to maintain confrontation with the Indian Navy ▽○△▷.●◇◆◆.. It was today★…, “scare■△■▪” China Navys Indian Navy has given this Japanese media◆▼. Remember the light ◇▪▽◆..★●▲. However, the straight brother is first to look at this ☆▪■”Japanese Economic News” in this ▪★◆”Japanese Economic News”•☆◇★, which is said that the Chinese Navy is “scared” in the Indian Navy◇…. This ••▽”Japanese Economic News” was posted on March 23, in fact, from the beginning of the article, it has begun to put Chin.