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Gelatin wholesale![hyperthermophile fusion proteins industry]Moderator: Dear friends, everyone is good morning▷•■▽, welcome to participate in a reporter meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress. Todays reporter theme is ☆•…=”financial reform and development.=▽○” Today, we are very happy to invite the Peoples Bank of China, and Comrade▪●■, the vice president, the vice president, and the Secretary for Vice-General, and the Director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange★▲▽-. Everyones question-=. Lets start with you. Reuters reporter: In the context of financial dealing in 2017, Chinas non-financial enterprise loan weighted average interest rate rose by 0▪□▽.47 percentage points, and whether the increase in corporate financing cost affects economic development? In the case where the cost of lending may affect economic growth this year, does the central bank will follow the Fed to improve interest rates? ◆=●?

Hainan Changjiang County Chess Bay was 20 years ago, it was a white wilderness, and the grass was not born=★□. The local people suffered from the harm of winds and sand. In 1992, the villagers Tao Feng gave a dozens of “Niangzi” team, overcoming the harsh environment such as typhoon, high temperatures, and planted 3.38 million wood◇☆○◆: “12 points to 1 oclock in noon▽★★, sand It is hot, our feet are long bubbles. If we are hot◇◇, we will put the feet in the sand. “Rely on this strength, they let Changjiang more than 30,000 acres of desert green trees along the coast, now Become a beautiful landscape◆★□▪. In 2013○□▲, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China■=◆○, President of the Central Military Commission, was put forward in Hainan, ▪▼…▪”the central government asked Hainan to become a national ecological civilization demonstration area, so I hope you have a person and se?

Original title: Suspected to make China International Student Timeout Work Day Ranam President was sent to the map from Japan Common Social Overseas Network March 6◆▲◁■, Japan◆◆=, a lot of branches in Japan, and even Overseas■□◆△. However▽▲, last year (2017), 2 branches in the central area of ​​Osaka, Japan were discouraged to let employees from China and Vietnam and other countries illegally time out. On the 6th, a President, a sector, has been inspected-▷□-. According to Japans “Daily News”, the Japanese Osaka Police is suspected of departing the entry and exit management method for the 6th△☆△, which is suspected of departing the entrance and exit management law (53 years old) and 7 cadres who are responsible for labor▪•▲. In the face of the polices investigation, Jiyes reputation★■▲=, “I didnt know full understanding of illegal work, I forgot to declare foreigners▽▷=▲.” According to Osaka polic.

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