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About Us gelatin capsule purple white fish collagen peptide msds,[peptide collagen 100 fish origin pantip]At the 13th National Peoples Congress, the news center held a press conference at the Multi-Film▲…▽, Multi-Fi Hall, Madi University, and invited the Minister of the Ministry of Commerce, and the deputy director of the deputy director of the International Trade Negotiation○▪. Quek Ming will answer questions from Chinese and foreign journalists on ○●”promoting high-quality development of business careers” to “promote the formation of a comprehensive open new pattern”. The following is a Live broadcast: Economic Daily China Economic Network reporter○▲▪◇: We note that Chinas foreign investment has declined last year, we want to ask the Minister△-◆-, what is the view on the development trend of foreign investment, the next business department will invest in foreign investment What do you have? Thank you▲▼. Zhongshan: Thank you☆▲▽. Last year…◆, my country has declined in foreign investment, mainly non-rational foreign investment to have effectively curbed○-. We passed.

Original title: Benefits of Shanxi Pinglu▪■, the driver secretary is more than him: Changan Street is aware of the written “The high-rise leader” The people “use the case exposure of the influence of bribery▲☆-△. A decision released by the Chinese referee, the original 18th Central Alternate Committee, the original secretary of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee…▪, the original secretary of the Taiyuan Municipal Committee, Tang Zhiqiang, who has helped from the Procuratorate ○•□●”Fishing”, and received 300,000 bribery paragraph. Changan Street, Id□△◁: Capitalnews•▼, found that in addition to the driver, Chen Chuanpings secretary Li Yuanguang has also received a bribe of 630▪◆★▷,000 yuan. Ironically, Chen Chuanping was identified by 910,000 bribes in an audition, and his driver and secretary added 930,000 bribes, more than him! In addition, Chen Chuanping served as a director of Taiyuan Iron and Steel Grou collagen peptides for skin industrial microwave only protein◇◁☆•!

Original title: 2018 National two sessions 丨 Authority response: What is the temporary contract to make a schedule? New Beijing News (Reporter Wang Wei) In recent years★-, it has continued to make a representative recommendation to modify the labor contract law-•…▽. On November 4 last year, the National Peoples Congress Finance and Economic Commission reported that the amendment of labor contract laws and strives for the Legislative Plan for the Thirteen National Peoples Congress Standing Committee▷☆●. However, on the afternoon of March 11th●◆☆△, a meeting of the 13th National Peoples Congress listened to Zhang Dejiangs report of the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress on the Standing Committee of the National Peoples Congress. When I talked about the legislative work of the next year, I did not mention the labor contract. Method■▪. Previously△▼□, Guo Linmao◁▷▪, director of the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee, said in an interview with the Beijing News▼▲▼, and should fully affirm the role of labor contract law on maintaining a harmonious labor relationship and labor contrac△●▷.