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[protein refolding for industrial processes]Original title: The General Office of the State Council on the issuance of the State Councils 2018 Legislative Work Plan for the Printing Division of the State Councils 2018 Legislative Work Plan [2018] No◇•. 14, Autonomous Region, municipality directly under the Central Government, the State Council, Direct institutions▷•▽: ◁☆-◇”The State Council 2018 Legislative Work Plan●▼•” has been consent to you, now issued to you, please implement it carefully△▲☆. The Office of the State Council March 2■=•, 2018 (this article has a reduction) State Council 2018 Legislative Work Plan 2018 is the opening of the 19th National Spirit of the Party, is the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up□◆, it is a comprehensive completion of a well-off society, implementation The “13th Five-Year Plan” is a key year. State governme?

Original title: Dalian City implements housing purchase restriction policy Xinhua News Agency Dalian March 22 (Reporter Bai Yongquan) Dalian Municipal Peoples Government released the ◆★□”Notice on Promoting the Sustaining Health Development of the Real Estate Market”, in order to meet the first set of just needed, support housing improvement, inhibiting investment Speculative behavior, promoting the stable and healthy development of the real estate market◆☆•, and implements housing purchase restrictions on the 22nd. According to the notice■○-, Dalian City Household Registration Households has 2 sets of housing in Zhongshan, Xigang District, Shahekou District, Ganjingzi District and High-tech Park (“Central City”), suspension to sell Zhongshan District…□■, Xigang District, The housing of Shahekou District and High-tech Zone (△○◁”Restricted Region△•▼”). It is understood that non-Dalian household registration residents have 1 sets of housing in the central city◁-, suspend housing to sell restrictions▪□. Non-Dalian Ci.

Original title: Xian Mayor Shangguan Jiqing Tang ▲■●▲”Grab the People” Wars△■■□: Grab the talent◁○, winning the future, today, more than ten large and medium-sized cities have set off the “grab” war of the introduction of talents, and the preferential policies are dazzling. As Xian, which has just been approved, building a national center city, is particularly eye-catching in this …-“talent battle”. Why is Xian so big to ■☆▼”grab people”? What is the guarantee of the work in Xian? How to improve in the environment, security? A few days ago=▪▽, the National Peoples Congress representative, Xian Mayor Shangguan Jiqing accepted an exclusive interview with the legal evening newspapers☆•…★, view journalists, and introduced the basic advantages of the citys central cities in Xian. Talking about “grab the people”: grab the talent to win the future view: Xian is now open to introduce talents at home and abro!

Original title: Time Location focus not brilliant gelatin capsules for liquid! The city of Anhui, has an indicator to rush to the National November 1st, and the Anhui Provincial Environmental Protection Department is talking about the Cangzhou Municipal Government of the Invasive Pollution Prevention and Control▽•. The citys 2017 atmospheric pollution prevention and treatment is unqualified; PM2.5 maximum small concentration is 1089 micrograms / cubic meters during this years holiday period, ranking first in the country. In 2016▼☆, there were four prefecture-level cities in Anhui Province○☆…. In 2017, there was a heavy pollution weather in three prefecture-level cities in the province. In 2018, there were only two days of heavy pollution weather in Zhangzhou, respectively, and the New Years Day and the beginning of the year. According to the Provincial Environmental Protection Department■■, the air quality situation in Cangzhou City is very serious. The 2017 special assessment results show that the first phase of the Guangzhou Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan is unqualifie pectin for jams industrial scale protein purification and preparation Gelatin capsule plasma protein therapeutics industry,!