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About Us collagen peptides gelatin hydrolysate,[fish peptone]Original title: The education department commands the reduction action will issue the “blacklist” of the training institution-▪. “The child has to grow▼◇, becomes talented, do not work hard, no burden is impossible. There is no comfortable service in the world, it is easy to succeed. Things. “Recently, the Minister of Education, the Minister of Education, the★△☆◆” Minister of Minister •▼★”, responded to the heat of” reduction “••◁◆. Not long ago, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education jointly deployed special governance actions for school training institutions■…. Chen Baosheng said that this governance action is to rectify the education order○☆, reduce the extracurricular burden of primary and secondary school students▼■=▼, mainly to bear this. The burden on us△•▷, mainly refers to this part of the contractual education that exceeds the teaching outline▼▷▽★. Chen Baosheng said that this measures are not to close the school training marke.

Original title: Zhejiang Provincial Party Secretary Car Jun Meets with US Ambassador, according to Zhejiang Daily○△◆, on March 24th=◁▲, 23rd, Zhejiang Provincial Party Secretary and Provincial Peoples Congress Standing Committee Director Car Jun met with the United States in China, Tri Bu Lanthad couple. Car Jun welcomed Terry Brandad to Zhejiang and introduced the main results of the nationwide and the economic and social development of Zhejiang. He said that maintaining Sino-US relations continues to be healthy and stable, in line with the fundamental interests of the two peoples★▷▼, and is also conducive to world peace and stability and prosperity. Zhejiang is open to the big province, close to US economic and trade cooperation★▷▷, you have me-▼☆-, I have you, realize a win-win situation, and the cooperative space is also very broad. I hope that Mr. Ambassador will cooperate more attention and support to the area of ​​Zhejiang Midea△▼, investment-=, education◁○, culture, and promote cooperation between the two parties. Scre.

Since 2018, Beijing has maintained a steady development trend with the entity economy of the industrial representative, and the citys economic growth is obvious. Industrial and information service industry achieved an added value of 363.89 billion yuan▪▽▷●, pulled 2▼■▽.5 percentage points in the citys economy, and showed the characteristics of new dynamic and innovative vitality. Editor in charge: Huo .