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[global protein and agriculture industry]Original title: Guangdong delegation held a plenary meeting to consider the “two high” reports to make every black and evil force case yesterday, Guangdong delegation held a plenary meeting to consider the ■-“two high” reports. The representatives said that “two highs◆☆” reported the time of reform and innovation, reflecting the awareness of the principle of judicial as the people, and agreed with the △◆•”two high” reports. The delegates revolve around the top floor design, the selection and appointment of judicial assistants, strengthen the ▽△”two-school” base infrastructure and other aspects○◁☆▽. Gong Jiandi, the Dean of Guangdong Senior Peoples Court★▷, Gong Jiayi, Guangdong Senior Peoples Court: Increased property sentence applicable◆△◇, destroying the evil forces and economic foundation yesterday…○■▽, Guangdong Senior Peoples Court•◇▷▷, Gong Jiandi said in an interview▪▲☆, Guangdong Court will Keep General Secretary Xi Jinpi=◁◇….

Zhongxin Net Fuzhou May 28 (Reporter Liu ◆■”) was jointly organized by the CCP Fujian Provincial Party Propaganda Department, Fujian Provincial Cultural and Tourism Association★…◁, Fujian Provincial Literature Arts Commission▷•○●, produced by the Fujian Provincial Culture and Tourism, Fujian Province Experimental The theater creating a large red theme of the drama ☆■☆◁”Life◁▲▲◇”, and the Mellanvaf Grand Theater is wonderful in the Merlanfang Grand Theater on the 27th. Industry experts, Chinese play teachers○■●, cultural and tourism department for 2021★○-, the full-year drama leading talent training program senior training class and all thousand viewers of all walks of life watched the repertoire=○•☆. The “life” of the red theme drama •○…▷”life” is the drama of the Fujian Experimental Mater Theater to create performances around the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of Chi■●□.

Original title▪○■▷: Historical contribution to ecological civilization (observations) Xi Jinpings ecological civilization thoughts and develops awareness of human civilization development law◇▼◇, natural law, economic and social development▲▼, has become China Communists bring to China…◆◇, bring to the world A historic contribution “Still the peoples blue sky and white clouds, the star flashes” “also gives the people to the green shore of the people,” Let the people eat with confidence, live with peace of mind “” Leave the birds and flowers for the people “.▪•▽.. .◇….. Recently, the National Ecological Environment Protection Conference was held in Beijing○△▪◆, and General Secretary Xi Jinping, the deep situation of General Secretary Xi Jinping, outlined an important goal of solving the outstanding ecological environment◇▲. It can be said that the ecological environment is a major political issue with the purpose of the partys mission. It is also a major social issue related to peoples livelihood. •●”In the past 5 yea.

Original title: GRP member Liu Shijin: GDP growth rate of 6□▲.3% can achieve comprehensive construction of a well-off society on March 3, the National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference, the former deputy director of the State Council Development Research Center, China Development Research Foundation Vice Chairman Liu Shijin In an interview with the “Daily Economic News” reporter in the station△★▷, the stage of Chinas economic growth has passed, and it is no longer pursuing unrealistic high growth. The potential growth rate of economic growth has declined◆△☆▽, so be sure to pursue GDP “hang▷▼” The steering is truly based on quality efficiency▷◆◁. Image Source: Visual China○◁•, every reporter Li Wei▽□, Huoxing, every editor of Chen Xing…☆•▷, opened out of the local economy “transcript” everywhere, and slammed off the pure pursuit of GDP growth, by the past “speed plo.