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Contacts,[protein global industry analysis]Original title=▪○■: Anhui Maanshan Municipal Committee Standing Committee, Propaganda Minister Su Zi Yong received the review investigation and survey the Standing Committee of Maanshan Municipal Party Committee◇☆, the Minister of Propaganda Minister Su Zi Yong is suspected of serious violations and is currently being accepted for discipline review and monitoring investigation. Su Zi Yongs resume▲★=, from Yong, Male, born in May 1963▽◁, Han nationality◇▽, Anhui is a coating••, January 1985, in July, in July, he participated in work, university degree. 1981.09-1985▼…◇.07 Maanshan Steel College Mechanical Engineering Department Metallurgical Machinery Specialist; 1985.07-1986.03 Maanshan City Forging Equipment Factory Technician; 1986☆=▲■.03-1989.08 Maanshan Municipal Committee Office Secretary; 1989.08-1990.06 Maanshan Municipal Committee Office Department Secretar■▽.

Original title: High Key◆▼◁…, Zhao Jianping○▷▽■, Lei Jiankun eleces Shanxi Guozhou=▽, Jinzhong and Yangquan Mayors high bond elesets on March 30▼…•□, in Zhangzhou City, the fifth meeting of the 6th Peoples Congress of Zhangzhou At the upper, the high key is elected as the mayor of the people of Zhangzhou Municipal Peoples Government△◁◇. Zhao Jianping was elected to the May Governor of Jinzhong City on March 30. At the fourth meeting of the 4th Peoples Congress of Jinzhong City, Zhao Jianping was elected as the mayor of the Jinzhong Peoples Government. Lei Jiankun was elected as the Mayor of Yangquan City on March 30. At the third meeting of the 15th Peoples Congress of Yangquan City, Lei Jiankun was elected as the mayor of the Yangquan Municipal Peoples Government. Source▪○◁●: Shanxi Daily Editor: Guoqia pectin price halal edible gelatin powder!

The State Council of the Peoples Republic of China Order No. 697, “Secretary of Express■●•■”, has passed the 198th executive meeting of the State Council on 7 February 2018…◇, which is publicized, and it will be implemented from May 1, 2018. Prime Minister Li Keqiang▷●-□, March 2◆-□▷, 2018, Chapter 1, Chapter 1 General★•=▽, First, Article 1 In order to promote the healthy development of the express delivery industry, protect express security◁•-, protect the legitimate rights and interests of express delivery users•◆▪, strengthen supervision and management of the express delivery industry=▽□◁, according to the ◁◇◁”Peoples Republic of China “And other relevant laws, develop these regulations. Article 2 In the territory of the Peoples Republic of China, the express delivery service=☆◆, accepting the express delivery service, and the implementation of supervision and management of the express delivery industry, and applies this regulation=…•. Article 3 Where the people at all levels, the peoples governments should create a good express delivery indust? gelatin powder food grade gelatin supplier