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[gelatin powder for jelly candy]Original title○■: Focusing on the law◁-▽□: Industrial investigation measures are not criminal compulsory measures to supervise the law of anti-corruption, distinguish between criminal procedures; the monitoring committee is the supervisory authority established by the state power organ, is the anti-corruption work under the party unified leadership The agency, the nature is different from the judiciary; anti-corruption is different from the general criminal offense, the investigation of the monitoring organs is different from the criminal investigation rights of public security and prosecutors•▲, and cannot be simply used or deemed to be in law enforcement and Mandatory Measures for Judiciaters△•. In short, indwent survey measures are not criminal forced measures. Indile investigation measures apply to the investigation of positional violations and duty crimes. The monitoring authority investigates the illegal and duty crime applicable to the law, and the case is applied to the procuratorate to apply the criminal procedure law. Supervisi●▷●.

Original title: The third batch of self-employed districts will be released on the anniversary of the anniversary, and there has been a new round of open open innovation list Zhejiang brewing commodity cross-border trading account, Henan exploration cross-border two-way RMB fund pool ▪□”Economic Report” The reporter has learned that the experience and case of the copied promotion of the copsenated privileges have been reported in the third batch of self-employment in my country□▽…•. While experience will be proved to a larger range, the third batch of self-employed districts have been preparing a list of tasks listing a new round of reform and opening up innovation, for example, Zhejiang is brewing to explore commodity cross-border trading account★★▽△; significantly reduce oil Industry foreign admission threshold○▽…. Henan explores cross-border two-way RMB fund pools•=●▽. Experts pointed out that the experience replication promotion of the self-trade area is, the dividend effect will be concentrated this yea.

Original title: Reporting this 11 kinds of black-related crimes, the highest reward 500-•■,000 yuan “there is black sweep, no black and evil, no evil and chaos”●=, compromise the struggle for blackfall▽▲☆, Liaoning public security organs Strictly hit the evil forces in accordance with the law, take a range of effective measures in the verification clues▽◇, the project to fight☆•, and dig “protect umbrella” and other aspects. The Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau has set up the leaders of the relevant leaders◇▷●▼, the deputy head leader, other leaders, the intersection of the organization, the responsible organization command system, and the 363-cultivated police force will be formed with other members of the group★=, and the county (City) and the industrys supervision team, and integrate criminal investigation▷◇=, anti-drug, casual clothes and other professional combat power□▪■-, and establish 67 responsible area criminal investigation squadrons, 45 disadvantages…□△=. ▲-“Police Station Scrolling” Touching the Row Coop Liaoni▷◇▪-?