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[protein energy drink industry report]Original title: Media disclosure: Guo Bo Xiongs son Guo Zhenggang to help the old township military school, charge millions of writing Tall buildings “The whole army is more than half of my home promotion▼◆▲!” People who say this believe that the small friends are very familiar – the Central Political Bureau The member of the member, the former vice chairman of the Central Military Commission, Guo Bo Xiong, who was originally will hear Guo Zhenggang=□○. He still has another “famous saying”: anti-corruption■○★, engage in, it means to mean◆▷•☆. A decision of the Chinese referee document shows that Guo Zhenggang has received 1 million yuan, helping an extraordinary military school with a poor test. Guo Zhenggang 2008, in 2009, the chairman of Shaanxi Xianyang Kaifa Coal Industry Co., Ltd. Gu Moujia is served at the Air Force First Communications Tempance Station, and I want to go to the military school to make progress•●△○, but the cultural level is relatively poor, cant take. To this en.

Original title▼◁◇=: Beijing Court: “Lao Lai•▷■” will be restricted to participate in the citys Beijing brand passenger car index lottery number to configure the Beijing News News (Reporter Wang Mengyao) On March 30, the reporter learned from the Beijing High Court that since April 2018, Natural persons=◁…, legal persons or illegal organizations that were incorporated by the Beijing Court according to law, will be restricted to participate in the citys Beijing brand passenger car index lottery configuration. A few days ago, the Beijing Senior Peoples Court, the Beijing Economic and Information Commission, and the Beijing Municipal Traffic Committee jointly signed the □=○▽”Work Opinions on Restricting the Confidential Executive Executive Participation in the Municipal Small Bus Indicators△•★•”△▽■☆, the above provisions have become an increase in faith discipline Another initiative. According to the “Operational Opinions”◆…=, the “Lao Lai” adopted by the 号 规 ◇•…▷.

Original title: Qianlong hugs the moon bottle to shoot 4.1 million euros French buyers defeated 17 Chinese to take the reference news network June 12 report, media, in a auction in France, one belonging to the 18th century China Qianlong Emperor The price of rare porcelain bottles after a bidding war (1 Euro about 7.56 yuan – this net note) price is sold. According to the AFP on June 10, the auction appraisal people Philip Ruyak pointed out that Plus the handling fee, the total price reached 50.89 million euros△▲•. He called this auction “Historic and Legendary Color.” Buyers who have reached auction by phone do not want to answer reporters. This round of the moon has a Buddhas eight treasure pattern◁□, and there is an emperors seal. This auction of a porcelain bottle of 500,000 euros is start.

The original title Western media pays attention to Chinas “empty nest old man”: encourages children to independence but still lonely Reference news network on March 6th, the West Media said that in decades★▲▪, Chinas economic and social change, and the aging phenomenon also triggered discussion▲●△◁, The increasing episodes of empty nests have triggered social attention. Spain China Policy Observing Website March 4th issue, empty nests mainly affect 60-80-year-old people, their children are forced to separate from their parents due to work, learning and marriage, these elders have become depressed△▽, sad and pain○▼◆. The article said that although it is not a medical clinical state, loneliness and loss are the feeling of most empty nesters…◁●, and at the same time, most parents are still independent of their children◇▲△, let them walk away, the experience is painful and difficult to overcome. o•□◇.

Original title Beijing New Airport▼▪: National Development New Power Source In October 2019●◇…▽, the first batch of passengers will be ushered in 2025◆▲◆, which can meet 72 million passenger throughput. It will be as “Akimids fulcrum”, splitting the national and global air transport market – Beijing New Airport: National Development New Power Source Beijing New Airport Terminal Building Construction Scheme with Beijing Tiananmen is the starting point, along the center axis 46 kilometers south☆☆•□, they came to Beijing New Airport in the construction. This airport facing the future is 67 kilometers away from the Capital Airport◆△◆, 85 kilometers of Tianjin Binhai Airport, 55 km from Xiongan New District▼▲. At the beginning of March 2018•○☆, when we visited▽-△, the main airport building of the new airport has been capped, and the beautiful roof curve shines in the sun shines, internal construction and other constructio china halal gelatin nitta corporation of america Pectin manufacturer. kosher collagen peptides gelatin horse hooves!