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[different capsule sizes]Original title: Senior Machine◁•: Pilot smoking is not news•☆△•, “Misired air conditioner” let the peers smiles to get the big teeth: Changjiang Daily Changjiang Daily Rong Media July 13 (Reporter Chen Zhi) On July 13, the Civil Aviation Bureau was released in the news release I will respond on July 10 Air China CA106 flight emergency drop incident. After preliminary investigation□○, the incident is caused by the unspeakable air conditioner when the driver of the unit. The event triggered netizens questioning: No matter what “wrong operation button”, the passenger is required to ban smoking, and why can the pilot in the cockpit smoke…●•▽? The Changjiang Daily reporter is connected to a long experience in 5 years of flight experience■…•=, and unwilling to reveal the name●•□▽. When the pilot smoked, there was a big cup of tea in the long name of the king, and the “unit passenger” was mistakened in the inciden.

Original title: 15 years ago, the United States used this trick to let Iraq “disappear”◆☆◇, is it good to China? On June 11th, the United States abolished the resolution of the “Network Neutral Case” officially entered into force. The bill passed by this Obama has only ■•-“survive” for three years▷…. This is a “self-study” in the other side of the ocean○…★, but it has recently brushed the screen of Chinas network. This is because the circulation of the argument: Trump cancel the △◆”Network Neutral Case” is actually legalized to China□◆◇. This inexplicable “legend” continues to ferment, bringing great confusion to people. Is there any ability to give China “break network●★★”-●◆□? What is this “Network Neutral Case”, why is the two US Governments around it? Du Shu has brought two articles today, talking about these t▪○◇●.

China Xinwang Beijing May 27th (Reporter Xing Liyu) Democremitter National Social Service and Defining Campaign Work Summary Commendation Conference held in Beijing on the 27th. Cai Dafeng, chairman of the Peoples Central Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Liu Xincheng▷•▲●, executive vice chairman of Minjin Central, Zhu Yongxin, Wang Gang, Tao Kaiyuan attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Wang Gang◁◇▪. Cai Dafeng congratulated the advanced collective in his speech-•=. He said that the social services of the people are pragmatic and dedicated, with a distinctive part of the political party organization•△, which reflects the fine traditions and style of the people. Since the Communist Party of China, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Xi Jinping as the core of the CPC Central Committee has built a well-off societ!

Original title: National Committee of the Chinese Peoples Political Consultative Conference○□▪•, Sun Chengye: It is recommended that the general train will cancel the comprehensive non-smoking cover of the smoking area-▪. It is said that he will submit the proposal for “About the Cancellation of the Railway Ordinary Train Tobacco Area and Train”▼•, which calls for comprehensive ban on smoking on ordinary passenger trains◇…◇. Cover Journalists learned that according to the “Railway Safety Management Regulations” developed by the State Council=★▲, my country is currently fully smoking on the train group and high-speed train train, but only for ordinary trains are required to ban smoking in the non-smoking area, most railway bureaus is still in the carriage The position of the connection is set up in the smoking area, and many controversies have been triggered in recent years. In August 2017, Heb…▪★. gelatin gel empty capsules pork skin gelatinGelatin wholesale does gelatin has collagen collagen skin whitening,